Early In The Morning

What is it like
Early in the morning?
Just you and the birds
And the rising sun.

Wind stirs the cherry tree
And your memories.
Do you remember
The life that you once had?

Children played on the swing
In the rising sun.
Wind stirred their golden hair,
Caressed a lost world.

What is it like
Early in the morning?
Just you and the birds
And your memories.

His Folly

Cannot abide his folly,
Another promise broken.
Cannot abide his folly,
Alone to cry again.

How can a man be worthy
Of beauty, heart and soul?
How can a man be worthy
Of love and passion deep?

When you make your choice,
Remember what you did.
When you make your choice,
Don’t make me cry again.

For my muse, with love.


The hours come first.
Pretending I will heal
Today or tomorrow.
Wounding loneliness.

Days add up.
Seven make a week.
A week alone.
Bitter loneliness.

Weeks pile upon weeks.
Four weeks more
Is another month.
Crushing loneliness.

Months are fragments.
The jigsaw of time
That forms my years.
Burning loneliness.


Please don’t let loneliness win. Go out, meet people, make friends.
Yes, it’s hard. Sure, you have no energy and I know it didn’t work out last time you tried.
It’s still not too late. Do it now. This time it will be different.

Above all, be kind to yourself.

Shona x

Falling In Love Again

Our life is a journey through love and pain, light and darkness. The path of life twists and turns. What lies around the next corner? We cannot know until we reach it.

We must travel in hope, have courage in the face of disappointment. Some of us are just setting off, others have journeyed long and seen our hopes dashed again and again. Divorce, depression, loneliness may all take their toll but you are still here and it’s far too soon to say “I’m finished.”

Recognise the immense value of all that you have experienced. You have trusted and been betrayed, loved and lost. Was it all for nothing? No, of course it wasn’t. Each event in your life was uniquely tailored just for you. You have a bespoke collection of learning experiences that prepare you for the future, for your future.

Fiction and reality are often intertwined. We dream about our future, imagine how we would wish it to be. Like Abbey in Coffee In Castillo, we realise that unless we follow our hearts and pursue our fantasies then we cannot hope to build the future of our dreams.

So hold your head up high, throw those shoulders back, thrust your chest out. Show the world that you are still in business, ready to face life’s challenges. Please believe me, it is not too late to fall in love again.