What Have I Now?

Bare trees watch
Cold water, silent,
Slipping past
As winter waits.

I stand and watch
My dreams slip past.
What have I now
But silence, cold?

Image © 2019 Shona Silverman.


In Night’s Black Cloak

The dreams come here
To punish me
For things I did,
Or should have done.

Lovers that left
And those I spurned,
People who cared
Yet wake no more.

They come to me
In night’s black cloak.
I wake up cold,
Alone with them.

Dreams can be distressing but you can do things to help. Take a look at my article on nightmares, there’s lots of useful advice there.

His Folly

Cannot abide his folly,
Another promise broken.
Cannot abide his folly,
Alone to cry again.

How can a man be worthy
Of beauty, heart and soul?
How can a man be worthy
Of love and passion deep?

When you make your choice,
Remember what you did.
When you make your choice,
Don’t make me cry again.

For my muse, with love.