I Met Him In The Park

It was just
A week ago,
I met him in the park.

The spring-time sun
Caressed my face
And new hope warmed my heart.

The trees leaned in
And tried to hear
The words we whispered there.

His green eyes smiled,
He kissed my lips,
Our silent secrets shared.

I had to leave
And now we are
A thousand miles apart.

Was it really
Just last week
I met him in the park?

When I Needed Him

He called me when I needed him
And asked me “what is wrong?”
“I just don’t know” (although I did),
But how could I explain?

He called me when I needed him,
I tried to find the words.
“It’s this and that and something else,”
He listened to my list.

He called me when I needed him
And hugged me on the phone.
He sent me love, in wisdom wrapped,
(I hope he calls again!)

Long Legs

Striding over fleeting years,
The earth under my feet
Rotates so fast I trip and fall
And graze my hands and knees.

My legs are growing longer,
The years are getting short.
I don’t know how to stop this ride,
This speeding juggernaught.