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Coffee In Castillo Book Cover

Enwrapped In Love

I step from the shower and he is there, watching.
Smiling inside as fragrant water drips,
I wiggle just a little bit as if to shake it off
And turn around, bending for the towel.

He exhales noisily and I pretend not to hear,
Still smiling inside I turn to face him.
Now the towel is around my shoulders,
It moves over me and he is spellbound.

I wrap my breasts from view, his gaze lowers.
The towel follows it down, his mouth is open.
Oh what power I wield with the flick of cloth!
I lift it to dry my hair, he rises to my command.

The towel is around me again, he steps forward.
Face lowered, my eyelash gaze speaks silently.
I feel strong arms around my shoulders,
He kisses my face, his hands explore.

I press against him, hot inside the towel.
His lips are on my neck, I gasp at his power!
The towels falls softly away
And I am enwrapped in his love.

Night Dreams

Have you seen the wonders
Of night dreams?

Where time slips
And faces change.
He looks for you
And no-one else.

Evening blends to night,
He takes you home.
Lips press on yours,
You can’t resist.

Surrender to his bed,
Roses on the walls.
He reaches out,
You lift your dress.

Strong arms encircle,
You fall spellbound
And feel him fill you,
Move inside.

Have you seen the wonders
Of night dreams?

Dream it, live it, love it. Tonight.
Shona x

Love Birds

Hi! Just a quick post this time. I saw some lovely green parrots in the trees this afternoon and they reminded me of something that I thought you’d like to share.

“Freshened from its passage over the sea, a warm breeze played through the terrace of Lewis’ apartment. He was sitting in the shade, a computer propped on his knees. He typed words rapidly on the keyboard, watching them appear on the screen, flowing and melding at his behest. A squawking sound interrupted his thoughts. Tanned face uplifted, his eyes followed a small flock of bright green parrots as they settled in the top of a palm tree. Absent-mindedly, he drew on a little cigar. Its smoke joined the wind, thinning and dispersing as it was carried away towards the hills that lay behind Castillo.”

Read more in Coffee In Castillo.

Shona x

Writing for Love, Reading for Pleasure

I love writing, it’s as simple as that. It’s what I do every day. With my favourite music playing in the background I barely see the screen in front of me. My fingers flow over the keyboard, words stream out, my characters move, speak, dance for me.

Creating a compelling story, recording bright sun-lit days and warm starry nights is a passion in itself. I get lost for hours when I’m writing and you can share in all of this dream-time. Every twist, each nuance that channels through me into my books is always waiting for you to read.

Writing is a beautiful way for me to lose myself for hours. Reading is its heavenly counterpart and it’s my gift to you. Be my travelling companion, enjoy those gorgeous scenes now. Download your free sample of Coffee In Castillo and get reading right away. You can read the PDF on any device including your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or mobile. Like I said, it’s my gift to you!

Shona x

The Fireworks Of Passion

“Abbey followed Lewis to the edge of the terrace, to her favourite spot. The sky was deepest indigo blue, a velvet cloth pierced by the youngest evening stars. She felt his arms around her as the first fireworks burst over the town, scattering cascades of glittering flowers. His lips pressed against hers. Fireworks exploded red and green and gold, a cacophony of sound and light that rose to a climax as she melted in his embrace.”

Is this love? Will Abbey’s dreams be fulfilled? Join her in Castillo right now and be part of the story. Feel the warm air of a Mediterranean evening caress your face, hear the cicadas from the gardens under that terrace. Thrill to each twist in Abbey’s adventure, immerse yourself in the sultry romance of Coffee In Castillo.

Shona x