The romance of the summer – now in paperback!

Yes, it’s true! Coffee In Castillo is now out in paperback!

We all love a real book, don’t we? You can’t beat the wonderful feel of it, the beauty of its perfectly proportioned cover filled with dreams just waiting to be discovered.

Now you can enjoy Coffee In Castillo the way you love to read. A summer romance, its fingertip-smooth cover beautifully wrapped around clear, easy-to-read text flowing over delicate cream pages. I want you to join me in Castillo to celebrate this special launch event, so right now you can lose yourself in your own paperback copy of Coffee In Castillo for just £7.99.

Indulge yourself, rediscover the caress of sunlight on your face, enjoy the conviviality of great friends. Lose yourself in the passion of sultry Spanish evenings.

You’re meeting Abbey and Lewis at Cafetería de la Luz for coffee today – don’t be late!

Shona x