Long Legs

Striding over fleeting years,
The earth under my feet
Rotates so fast I trip and fall
And graze my hands and knees.

My legs are growing longer,
The years are getting short.
I don’t know how to stop this ride,
This speeding juggernaught.

Don’t Put Me On A Pedestal

Don’t put me on a pedestal,
It’s so far down to fall.

My faults you close your eyes to now,
In time you’ll see them all.

My inner fears, my flaws and needs:
Humility, not shame.

So take me whole, both bad and good
And I’ll take you the same.

His Heart Is Her Haven

She holds him at midnight.
Suffused in love,
Drifting into sleep.

Drifting into sleep,
Safe in the harbour
Of his protection.

The day is no longer young.
From a dream she awakes,
Nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed,
He’s still there.
His heart is her haven.