The Tale Of The Odd-Legged Goat

She once heard that the mountain goat
Has longer legs on left or right.
To make life easy on the slope,
It isn’t true, not even might.

She also heard it’s winter time
When flu attacks and weakens you.
Although she fell for that old line,
Odd-legged goats are just as true.

Listless, fevered, feeling blue,
Headache matched by her sore throat.
She now believes in summer flu,
But not odd legs on some old goat.

Have you got a purple dog?

Have you got a purple dog
To cheer you when you’re down?
Big and soft and full of beans,
He’ll wipe away your frown.

He rarely barks and only bites
When taken by surprise.
He’s caring and protecting too
And infinitely wise.

His watchful eyes see everything,
He follows you around.
You really need a purple dog
To cheer you when you’re down.

Just a bit of fun for this post – hope you enjoy it!  Shona x

Romance or Erotica?

Demure or indecent?

Coffee In Castillo is certainly no Fifty Shades Of Grey. Oh no, not at all! There’s a great story-line for one thing. Every character here is compelling, three-dimensional, the kind of person that you quickly find yourself really caring about. It’s less about playing it safe than simply blending the ingredients in perfect proportions. Suspense, intrigue, desire and passion all have their part to play.

This is contemporary romance. The nimbly-paced scenes play out in the modern world with up-to-the-minute values. Abbey is no prude. She knows what she wants and she expects Lewis to deliver, so things may get a little steamy from time to time. That’s only to be expected… and enjoyed!