Let Me Show You Something

Sorry it’s rather dark in here.
I’ve opened the curtains
But it’s always raining.

What’s that you tell me?
You remember this place.
Hasn’t changed much, has it?

No, things don’t change,
They just fade a little
And the loss remains.

You can’t change anything here.
Leave the door ajar, visit any time.
This room is your past.


It’s brighter in here.
See, hear, touch.
Details fill your senses.

What’s that you ask me?
Of course you can move things,
You are in control here.

Change what you like.
Choose new colours
For your pleasure, your delight.

This is where you live.
Leave both doors open.
This room is your present.


Be careful where you step,
There could be anything here
And I don’t want you to get hurt.

Why are you surprised?
Everything keeps moving
and you haven’t touched a thing.

This is hope, anticipation.
A dream where you decide
What will happen next.

Open the curtains,
Dawn is breaking.
This room is your future.

Do You Believe In God?

Well, do you?
I’m waiting.
Yes or No?

Relax, it’s OK if you can’t answer with just a single word. This is a tough question! No wonder that it’s been asked since the time of the ancients. Instead of asking for a simple black-and-white binary answer, let me ask you three more questions. Perhaps they will give you pause for thought.

Do you ask God for things? Maybe you ask for help in difficult times, companionship when you are engulfed by loneliness, healing when you are unwell.

Do you blame God when things go wrong? Think about this one for a moment. Recall a loss, a failure, a catastrophe that recently befell you.

Do you thank God for the good things? For the friends that are there when you need them, for success at college or in your career, for safe passage in a difficult journey?

By the way, I’m talking about your God. Whether you love Torah, Qur’an or Bible, no matter. Whatever your faith, this is your God and it’s the God.

You’ve had a few minutes to ponder my three questions. Need, sorrow, gratitude. These cover just about everything that touches your life. I won’t pry any further. Yes or no, please just remember that life is a difficult journey, one that is best travelled with a companion. I wish you shalom, salaam, peace.