Sonnet One Four Eight

Why are these things a certain way?
My friend, through tears, asks me.
Why does he break my heart today?
(Through love’s blind eyes can’t see.)

A man of words once sought like you
And perfect lover won.
He too was wrong and wrote of it
Four hundred years since gone.

So don’t tell me about your tears
And ask me what your fate.
Seek finer words, unchanged by years
In sonnet one four eight.

Amongst the Wet Leaves

A foggy night, freezing and sleepless.
I stand outside with my cigarette.

My only friend, it lives.
It is consumed and dies
Amongst the wet leaves.

Freezing, sleepless, I live.
I am consumed and die
Amongst the wet leaves.

I lie outside with my cigarette.
On a foggy night, freezing, I sleep.

Please don’t let loneliness and despair consume you.
Reach out to someone, talk. Seek companionship.
There is someone for you.

“It is not good for the man to be by himself;
I will make him a helper as his counterpart” (Gen. 2:18)

Nothing Is Happening

Nothing is happening, is it?
Shop for food, carefully,
And go to the pharmacy.
We call it the chemist here.

Exercise is permitted once a day
But stay close to your home.
Run around your garden
Or possibly your yard.

You can visit the petrol station,
That’s gas, if you aren’t British.
Though if you are American
You’d say I’m English.

It isn’t quite accurate.
But in the circumstances
English is close enough.
Nothing is happening, is it?

Never turning back

The man heard happy sounds, laughing.
Voices of a time and place he once knew,
A life he lived and loved, and a home
That he could never go back to
Except in his dreams.

Two boys played in the river,
Holding hands and jumping.
The man watched them for a while.
As familiar to them as the grass itself,
They didn’t seem to notice him.

The wind was warm that day,
Yellow and green striped
As it filtered through
The skinny bushes
And the summer grass.

It flowed over the man, the playing boys
And the timeless river.
Always moving on,
Touching places and people
And never turning back.

What if?

What if the sun could shine for ever
And the rising moon was misted blue?

What if the fruit of summer ripened,
Tender as the love I feel for you?

What if the lost could find each other
And when at last are found, stay true?

What if he loved me for who I am
and not just for the things I do?

A collaborative work by Sofia and Shona.

A Stunning Cliché

I don’t complain very often. Well, not in public anyway. I’m going to make an exception, but along with my grumbling there’s going to be a promise too, so that’s not so bad, is it?

And what am I complaining about? A single word, but my, what a terrible scourge it has become. The word is stunning. Have you noticed how insidious it is? Its barbed tentacles grow longer every day, gripping and suffocating, smothering and choking the life out of billboards and magazines, brochures and websites.

A pretty girl? She’s stunning.
A picturesque beach? It’s stunning.
An incredible sunset? Yes, that’s stunning too.

Despite the availability of countless alternatives this one adjective is simply everywhere, like mobile phones and young men with beards. And it seems there is no escape. So here is my promise. I solemnly declare that Coffee In Castillo has always been, is and shall always remain a stunning-free realm.

Image © 2018 Shona Silverman.

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