A Stunning Cliché

I don’t complain very often. Well, not in public anyway. I’m going to make an exception, but along with my grumbling there’s going to be a promise too, so that’s not so bad, is it?

And what am I complaining about? A single word, but my, what a terrible scourge it has become. The word is stunning. Have you noticed how insidious it is? Its barbed tentacles grow longer every day, gripping and suffocating, smothering and choking the life out of billboards and magazines, brochures and websites.

A pretty girl? She’s stunning.
A picturesque beach? It’s stunning.
An incredible sunset? Yes, that’s stunning too.

Despite the availability of countless alternatives this one adjective is simply everywhere, like mobile phones and young men with beards. And it seems there is no escape. So here is my promise. I solemnly declare that Coffee In Castillo has always been, is and shall always remain a stunning-free realm.

Image © 2018 Shona Silverman.

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Coffee In Castillo Book Cover

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