Enjoy a free taste of Coffee In Castillo

Today you can join Abbey in Castillo for free! Fly out to Spain with Abbey, meet Lewis in Juan’s little café, walk with them along the beach and through the old town.

Download your free sample of Coffee In Castillo right now and embark on the romantic journey of your dreams. You can read this PDF on any device including your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or mobile phone.

I hope you’ll enjoy your free sample of Coffee In Castillo. Be sure to have coffee with Abbey in Cafetería de la Luz whilst you’re there. Will Abbey’s hopes become reality? Will Lewis be everything she dreams of? Could Rita or Luke stand in her way? What roles will Vanessa and Jackie play? There’s so much more to discover and you’re invited to stay on in Castillo as the story unfolds.

I’d love your feedback even if it’s just a few words so please tell me what you think. Thank you for spending time with us in the romantic, colourful world of Coffee In Castillo.

Shona x

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