First Dates

Hey, are you ready yet?

He’ll soon be at the restaurant, anticipating, waiting just for you and no-one else. Of course you’ve been on dates before, lots of them. But those dates didn’t matter so much. At the back of your mind you knew that they were just practice runs, going through the motions. But this one is different, you can feel it. This one is special.

You’re choosing which dress to wear. This is tricky. Sexy or modest? How much should you show, how much should you leave to his imagination? Yes, that one is perfect. A hint of your charms, just the right amount of leg to tease him with.

First impressions do matter, despite what they say. Hair, make-up, perfume. Done. You’re in control now. Should you wear your glasses? Well, you won’t be able to see him if you don’t! Glasses it has to be, then.

Hurry up, the table is booked for 7.30! In a couple of minutes you’ll be on your way there. Head up, shoulders back, it’s time to go. Is your heart pounding yet?

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