A Thrilling Flight

What can be more exhilarating than an adventure like this? Turning onto the runway in the clean morning crispness, hearing the roar of powerful engines, lifting into an azure sky. Rita is Abbey’s mother and she’s never been to Spain before. Let’s join her at the airport.

“The sky was cloudless, a radiant domed heaven ghosted through with the palest aquamarine. Surely it was too weak, too thin and fragile to support anything. Rita sat on a bench, accompanied by a collection of matching luggage. Enchanted, she gazed as silver darts cut upwards through the transparent film, magically streaking aloft on invisible threads spun by modern-day wizards. It was astonishing how much technological progress had been made in the fleeting decades of her lifetime.”

Now read on as the adventure continues in Coffee In Castillo.

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